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PinkyIvan May 7, 2013

I just saw that you added Mirai Nikki TV to your WTW. A word of advice, you really don't want to waste your time, unless you are some kind of yandere fan.

AirCommodore May 6, 2013

Your anime rating graph is the most beautiful bell curve I've ever seen O_O

GodzillaGus Apr 18, 2013

thx for the feedback on my review for Cowboy Bebop. it was done for the Secret Santa. btw, did you ever get the badge for the Secret Santa? i'm still waiting for mine.

Kari5 Apr 13, 2013

I....can't stand twincest ._. Being a twin myself, the thought scares me. Luckily there wasn't many chapters *shivers* (was reading it just to pass through some old submissions) 

Naga Mar 27, 2013

If that Shoujo has anything to do with mr. brother, I'd rather not. However, if it's yuri... then I might even put it a bit higher on my list... which doesn't mean much, tbh.