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PinkyIvan Aug 28, 2012

Is Zone of Enders any good? I am very sceptical since it is a mecha made by Sunrise, but I saw official review 9/10. To watch or not to watch?

PinkyIvan Aug 26, 2012

You should watch 5 centimeters per second ASAP!

PinkyIvan Aug 26, 2012

Characters get development later on. It gets awsome around episode 8, first 5-6 episodes were meh to me too story and character wise. And I didn't compare romances, I  just said they are both awsome!

PinkyIvan Aug 25, 2012

Now since we have fairly similar tastes in terms of favorite anime (Toradora!, Stein's Gate) I feel you should finish watching Elfen Lied. I guess you dropped it because it was, heck it still is the bloodyest anime ever made. But it has the best romance ever. So I highly reccomend you finish it!

Tolle Aug 18, 2012

Thanks for your advice on the ad-blocking :) Though I'm afraid it can't be of much help - I already tried configuring the filters myself. The 'base-address' all seem to be the same, but no matter how many times I add them to the list, they keep showing up. I'm not sure what kind of system Google Ads is working with, but it's effectively preventing me from blocking certain ads - all or none it seems :/

Thanks for taking your time to write on my wall :)