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Kari5 Oct 2, 2013

I see you're watching Silver Spoon, is it any good? I was thinking of watching another show or two from the summer season and that one was on my list of "maybe"s.

Naga Sep 1, 2013

Man, where did you disappear? You’re nowhere to be seen on forums.

So, how’s it going? Watching current season? What’s your pick for this one? 

LizardLaw974 Jun 6, 2013

Hello thar! How's it going?

Zaig Jun 5, 2013

You're just jealous of his ponytail.

Zaig Jun 5, 2013

*looks at the page for Jinbei Tsukishima and notices you're THE person who hates him*

What is this - no, I'll say it for you: blasphemy!