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NoMatter says...

Thanks, couldn't remember name of the show. I'll be sure to watch it!

Greetings NoMatter

Nov 18, 2012
NoMatter says...

Hi there,

I hope you don't mind me asking but in the forums you have a signature of a anime. could you tell me wich anime it is? ^^''

Greetings NoMatter

Nov 17, 2012
NorthPole says...

Anime-Planet Secret Santa 2012

All are welcome to join! Click the above link for more details! Spread the word ^__^

Oct 30, 2012
LizardLaw974 says...

Oh! Okay!

Thank you for clearing that up! :)

Oct 18, 2012
LizardLaw974 says...

Question, do you need to watch Fate/Stay Night or Tsukihime before Kara No Kyoukai?

I read that Kara no Kyoukai was set in an alternate universe to them, and I wanted to know if I should watch one before the other

Oct 17, 2012