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Sometimes you really need to give things a second chance

18 JUL

On my first attempt at Baccano! I could barely keep myself interested. I couldn't get invested in any of the characters, and despite my general enjoyment of fractured narratives the constant jumping between differing time periods simply didn't seem to do anything interesting for the plot. The comedic relief came across more as comedic 'just shoot them now'.

These things were enough to get in the way of my enjoyment of the show, despite it being clearly something complex in both premise and execution and at least somewhat intelligent, with no clear and easy resolution in sight.

I decided to give it another shot from ep1 and realized that I simply hadn't given it enough time for me to warm to it. The characters and their motivations are revealed to us slowly through their actions over time. The apparent use of narrative fracturing for shock value gives way to  allowing the mysteries to unfold in unique and dramatic ways and contributing to character development. The comedic relief makes a lot more sense after several appearances and I'm starting to see where they fit into the story overall.

The turning point for me was ep7, which gave us a basic grounding point for ongoing events and all the context we really needed for the in media res opening. In hindsight, howveer, it would not have served anywhere near as well as an opening episode. I can easily agree with this portion of the decision making process that led to the chaotic masterpiece that is this show.

The moral is if people keep telling you to watch a show based on your known interests, don't give up too soon. If you're not getting it right away you should perhaps take a break with other offerings and then give it another chance (or whatever it is you do, this is what worked for me). You might otherwise miss out on a real gem.

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MOJ avatar MOJ
Aug 5, 2012

Glad you found it fun after some time. For me I pretty much had to suffer through the entire anime. Yes I did notice all the plot devices and the story development and do admit it was good, but since it failed to capture my attention in the first half i didn;t enjoy the rest of it. However the anime Durarara! made by the same studio and set in the same "world" was MUCH better and much more solid in it execution.

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