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That sinking feeling

29 JUN

After Episode 5 of Deadman Wonderland: "Wow, this is pretty awesome. That's the best setup for a tournament arc I've seen. The premise manages to be brutal without coming across forced. At least a couple of these characters feel like they're heading somewhere."

After Episode 6: "Uh oh. I sense plot holes and deus ex mechina in the air. The series momentum is poised to drop and trample on all character development established to this point - and there's 6 more eps to go.

"This isn't going to wend well, is it."

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Aranneas avatar Aranneas
Aug 28, 2012

it's almost unheard of for me to do a drop after only 1 ep. I will generally give a series at least a few episodes to get rolling even if I had problems with the initial setup. the show certainly has its isses but I feel like it was still an extremely fun ride up to about this point, and everything just started to go downhill from there

PinkyIvan avatar PinkyIvan
Aug 26, 2012

After watching 1 episode and seeing black plot holes I could not continue watching it

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