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I really don't know what to say here....

ermmm bio is about myself right?

well nice to meet you fellow anime fans!

the name is Marijn (don't try to pronounce it) and I live in europe!

been an anime fan for ages, watch it almost everyday!

anime kinda... saved my life:) at a certain moment in life, the purpose I was living for, my dream, got ruined... destroyed without me being able to do anything about it...

for 2years long I did nothing except watching anime...

and one perticular anime gave me a new dream!

Hajime no ippo! when I watched it the second time I was like 'damn... I want to be like that'

and guess what!!! I'm training everyday now to become a boxer!

thank you hajime no ippo, THANK YOU ANIME!!!

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H3ctor May 10, 2013

Hello AquaKira! How have you been? :D

H3ctor Jul 6, 2012

Hello AquaKira! It's been 3 years since we last spoke. Thank you for the friend invite. Oh and if action is your favorite genre, I recommend 2 of my favorites like Yu Yu Hakusho (the series in my pic) and Sekirei (since you liked Ikki Tousen but it's totally different and more tame in itself--not a clone). Both are fast-paced and get straight to the point with awesome characters. The main character in my pic is from Yu Yu Hakusho. Have fun!

If you can't find them online, let me know. However, I don't know if both have been dubbed or subbed in Belgian, but I'll try to find them.

H3ctor Sep 6, 2009

Welcome. I can relate to you. My past life was destroyed and I wanted to commit suicide. Anime--especially Dragonball Z--help me burst out my frustrations and negativity, which kept me alive. It appears we have a similar taste in anime. Great that Hajime No Ippo inspired you a new life goal.

canonrocker Aug 26, 2009

Your Welcome just comment if you need something ^^

HikaruTenshi Aug 25, 2009

You are very welcome. ^_^