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irishmarcoos Apr 18, 2011

Aha well i wish you luck in your quest for remembering all that anime, im sure youll be able to do it :D

No it's not a problem, it's a HOBBY. HOBBY, i cant stress that enough :p i bought an Ore no Imouto Mug the other week :p Part of the HOBBY.

Ahaha well i recommend Best wishes actually, none of the stories so far have been boring, and its like 30 episodes in :o and 3 were stalled because of the earthquake in Japan, as they had content in the which refered do large quakes of sorts :L CONTROVERSY :D all the best anime has it, woo :p

irishmarcoos Apr 18, 2011

Ahaha, to be honest, im comparing my list agaisnt yours, so i can see what i have to watch next, and see if ive missed anything :p

It's because im cool :L okay not really but yeah, keepa going Miss, and Beyblade? REALLY?!? aha :p

Pokémon Best Wishes FTW - You better watch it, its watching you

irishmarcoos Apr 18, 2011

Darn you with your twice the amount of anime :o i bet you cheated :p