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My name is Apples ^-^

I've been reading comic books and watching anime since I was a kid. My first anime was Speed Racer and from there I grew into a variety of shows ranging from sci fi to action/adventure. I can't say I have a particular type of show I like the best, it really depends on my mood. I'm not a big fan of girly shows regardless of the fact that I am indeed female i just don't find the need for anime to be catered towards a gender.

I love anime for a multitude of reasons. The storylines are particularly important to me and really make or break a show or movie. I think anime is amazing simply because it can talk about any moment in life, any human feeling, describe any thought, describe any future, past, or present and still make it relatible to every person. I believe anime can truly develop a form of empathy in every human being. the visuals are just plain awesome!


I rate somewhat differently than others. The majority of my ratings are based more on how the anime affected me at the time then all the components of a series or movie. There are many times an anime has gorgeous animation, great characters, a wonderful storyline, and all the other pieces that makes it worth five stars from a completely unbiased standpoint but for me that isn't enough. I like my anime to have an emotional punch. The emotion doesn't have to be depressing or deep, even an anime that can make me cry laughing is worth 5 stars and you will be able to see that from my very diverse list. Regardless of its accuracy here is my rating system:

5 Stars: Yes, yes...yes....and oh right....YES! Fantastic anime! These shows are my all time favorites. These shows aren't always the best animation, but they always have amazing storylines and very dynamic characters. These shows also touched my heart in one way or another and will constantly be my bar for ranking all others in its genre and medium.

4.5 Stars: Sooooooo close! These shows are awesome shows that I will watch over and over, but fail to strike me emotionally. These shows almost always have great storylines and characters, but are missing that final piece to make them perfect. The majority of these shows are on someone's favorite list and I will constantly agree on their greatness, but they will never be considered groundbreaking.

4 Stars: These shows are fun but fall flat for one reason or another. Sometimes the story isn't complete or a character is really annoying but the storyline is good or sometimes I'm glad I watched it once but I'm fine if I never get the chance to watch it again. A lot of these shows and movies are animes from my childhood and have a very special place in my heart. I know it sounds like I don't care for them anymore but I do, I'm just aware that while at 7 years-old I might have found powering up for three episodes "bitchin'"  it's not the coolest thing ever done in anime.

3.5 Stars: These shows were enjoyable and passed the time nicely, but they are not anything to write home about. A lot of these were recommendations or animes I found at a used bookstore for really cheap. Not great, not bad.

3 Stars: Uhhh yeah....okay. These shows are not terrible, but definetely not what I would call quality. These animes are usually really cheesey, are not unique, have annoying characters, or just put me off.

2.5 Stars: If these weren't dropped they probably should have been. I just didn't like them for a variety of reasons. Yes there is one series that is a huge hit for most people that is rate 2.5 stars. No it is not a mistake.

2 Stars: You're lucky you didn't get 1 star.

1 Star: Who let you loose upon the world?! Why did I pick you up? Why the hell didn't I drop you?!?!

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DeDaan Feb 8, 2011

Hello there, i saw your comment at Major and i think you are an intresting person. So wanna be friends and talk some what ??

TheMajor5 Feb 7, 2011

Apples :D

A live action movie of a futuristic metropolis made in the 20's?  Seems advanced for that time.  Well since you confirmed it as possibly being dull, i guess i know what must be done.

AHHHHHH finally apples, someone else understands my love for old school animation.  New style animation cannot compare to the classic style.  Berserk is a masterpiece.  Even though berserk leaves off at the worst possible cliff hanger, it is still a renown story.  Plus, so much gore and shit that now a days would be censored to the point of deletion.   They just don't make em' like they used to, too many restrictions.  Plus, this new Berserk, i know it won't live up to the previous version.

When you say comic books, you mean American 'comic books' or manga?  Comic books, idk, they don't have the story and depth like manga does.  Manga focuses more on the story opposed to character powers and artwork.  Berserk though, that manga is a god send.  The art work is unrivaled and the story would make an apple implode.  I see you've read Gantz, Berserk is about as gory, plus epic story.  Plus gods.

Hmm, my interests entail of epic story-telling to friend Daan about my adventures through great perils.  Just started getting back into manga after a 3 month hiatus.  Read Eden: It's an Endless World which I loved.  Post-apocalyptic, disease, drugs, violence, and survival, makes for such a grand read.  Plus it dates back to mid-90's, so the art was awesome.   I read the big 3 shounen plus Fairy Tail and Bakuman and well, school sucks and i spend half of my wake on theCHIVE and YouTube.  Now that i think about it, i don't really know where all my time goes.

I'll offer the same question to you.

TheMajor5 Feb 4, 2011

Hi.  I couldn't help but tell ya your name, "apples", cracks me up.  Well it brings a smile to my face anyway :D.

Oh and cool top fives.  I like your movies, huge GitS  fan and enjoyed Akira.  Mononoke takes the cake though :D.  Seeing how i like most of em, i heard metropolis is well....rather dull?  Been wondering if i should take a gander at it.

Nice meetn' ya Apples lol

G0bot Jan 22, 2011

i love you