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The Melancholy of Kyoto Animation

17 JUN

A few years ago, you could ask me who my favorite studio was, and I’d undoubtedly say “KyoAni.” Kyoto Animation, “KyoAni” to their fans, has put out some of the most enjoyable and high-quality pieces of animation of the past decade, without a doubt. Air, Haruhi, Lucky Star, K-On… these are all shows that hold serious meaning to me, and are some of the biggest reasons I’m still an anime fan to this day. But the few years haven’t been kind to KyoAni, in my opinion, and I’m starting to wonder: is this it for the revered studio, and if so, what went wrong?

Taking a look at their last few shows leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth. Now, before we begin, I must say that Chuunibyou was a great series, and the sole exception to this mini-rant. But aside from that, it feels like a string of duds. Hyouka was half-baked, Nichijou painfully unfunny, Tamako Market was painfully unremarkable, and from the looks of it, Free! looks to be nothing more than fan-service pandering. In fact, I might go out on a limb here and say that the second season of Haruhi was actually fairly unremarkable, especially compared to the first.



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