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Why Anime Needs "The Flowers of Evil"

11 JUN

I’m going to be honest and say that this Spring anime season has left me pretty cold. The second season of Oreimo is an absolute bust, there’s too many shows that run together, and from the looks of things, the Summer doesn’t look terribly impressing. That being said, there is some hope. Attack on Titan is pretty excellent so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of it. But the show that has really, truly captured me is The Flowers of Evilwhich may end up being one of the most fabulous fucking shows I’ve ever seen. 

It seems like a set-up for a bad sex comedy. A high school boy accidentally steals a popular girl’s gym clothes, and is seen doing so by socially awkward bespectacled girl. To keep this a secret, the boy must form a contract with her, or risk being painted as a deranged pervert by the whole school. But here’s the thing. The boy is obsessed with Baudelaire; the antagonistic girl is borderline psychotic; and the entire thing plays out like a bizarre psychological thriller. Oh, did I mention the animation is done entire with rotoscoping?



molhemmolhemaaa avatar molhemmolhemaaa
Oct 2, 2013

I totally agree with this blog, "Aku no Hana" is an amazing anime, The new realistic art is Cool, The Ending makes you can't wait till the next episode comes out.

snivets avatar snivets
Jul 4, 2013

I read the extended version of this at your blog, and I have to say that I completely agree with you, sir. I'm glad to see Aku no Hana advocates coming out of the woodwork. Excellent post!

PandaBeard avatar PandaBeard
Jun 14, 2013

You have good taste. I am enjoying this anime myself. Everyone is hating on it, especially the animation. Its about time someone was doing something different for a change than the "run of the mill" style. 

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