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Watashi wa Danaë desu. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!


But you may call me Dana.
I'm a huge anime fanatic. I'm a moderator on Animefreak.tv, a writer for the weekly online magazine Shoujo Fanzine a writer for Anime News Network and I am the proud owner of the new project called Animeans.com

Anime is, simply put, air. 
I live and die with the characters of my favourite animes. I witness ferocious and intoxicating battles on fantasy mountains, I laugh along with the funniest jokes any of my talking animal friends make, I explore the world in a world war II boat, on an angels back or being carried by a flying cat.
I witness it all with such great pleasure.

and then I turn off my tv.

In real life Im a criminology student. A bit socially awkward, but a real nice person when you get to know me. or atleast I hope!
I'm a coplayer, not an avid one as I'm way too shy for that. (Sawako shy.)
I enjoy reading manga just as much as I love watching anime.
I live on my own (sort of, I have a lovely childhood friend who pretty much makes use of my second bedroom 70% of time.)
I like making friends. But I'm horrible at it.
I work as a psychiatric nurse, have been for a long, long time now and I enjoy it so much.

As for anime, Im a shoujo fanatic. But you wouldn't say that if you saw my top twenty animes.
I enjoy psychological animes, shounen and shounen-ai animes, but if you really want to see me flustered and commited to the tv, put on a cute love anime and I'm hooked.

(ex: Rose of Versailles, Lovely Complex, Bogura no Ita, Kimi Ni Todoke, Ayashi no Ceres, Special A, Itazura No Kiss, Junjou Romantica.)

As for my top ten animes?

1. Kimi ni Todoke
2. Vampire Knight
3. Code Geass: R2
4. Death Note
5. Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo shitteiru
6. Bleach
7. Naruto Shippuden
8. Lovely Complex
9. Monster
10. Hell Girl



Need to know anything else?
Let me know. :)








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