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V3 Yay!


I am happy to see the new version of Anime-Planet up and running. It is way better than the original one and the beta version. So far I am happy with everything except the difficulty to filter my animes into "watching" as I have no reason to browse between the ones I have already seen. I wish it would stay on "watching" by default. Either way the admins have done a wonderful job and I am truly very impressed. It is way better than I had imagined it would be.

~Keep up the good job!

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VivisQueen avatar VivisQueen
Jul 8, 2009

Hi there, Anzelya,

Was just randomly checking through blogs and came across yours. In response to your concerns about filters, there is a VERY easy way to filter your list:

1) Click on 'Watching' just beneath your avatar. It'll immediately take you to your watching list. Or click on 'Watching' in the Anime Stats box to the right of your bio.

2) Notice at the top of any list you see anywhere on anime-planet there are three grey buttons. 'Watching' and 'Want to watch' and 'My fav genres'. These are quick filters. If you click on one or more of them, the circles on the buttons turn green. Then click the red square 'apply filters' right next to it. It'll immediately sort your list into only the types you selected.

Alternatively, next to the red 'apply filters' button there's a 'show filters' button. Click on that, and it'll drop down a window with ALL SORTS of ways in which you can filter your list including by tags.

3) Also, did you realise you can go onto someone else's list and click on 'compare list' button below the filters? What that does is show your anime list and their side by side so you can compare what you've seen and how you rated it, and what they've seen and how they rated it. You can also filter the anime you want to compare using the quick and advanced filters.

Basically, if you have any other questions or anything, just ask me. I was one of the beta testers for the site and while sothis is busy dealing with bugs, we're meant to be first stop for questions. :)

Enjoy the amazing upgrade!

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