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When I last checked I was fairly sure the "my watching list" button was not there. However it is now and thank God for that. It is awesome. Same goes for the compare anime lists feature. Thank you VivisQueen for the information. I will probably use that function a lot. Overall Anime-Planet has made a huge jump from good to the best (though I am fairly sure it was the best to begin with, but what the heck). All those new functions and nice design and ease of usage. It is brilliant work. I have no complaints now, NONE! And God knows I am a perfectionist. Getting a top score from me at some webwork is nearly impossible. (Does not include animes. I rate them top score sometimes just because I had fun watching them. Even though they have a lot of faults.) But Anime-Planet currently is one of the most USEFUL, WELL CONSTRUCTED, FUNCTIONAL and USER FRIENDLY site I could find. At least for me. Google would be the second from the top. ^^ Real great job. Makes my attempts to keep track on my anime watching so much easier. I can't thank the place and creators enough.

Enough compliments for you guys now, else it will spin your egos right up to the skyes. (But AMAZING WORK!) Anyways. Other than that - Why for f***s sake are they not subbing Major Season 5? It is SO SLOW. Annoying. Not that it is any good of an anime, but since I have watched all of the previous seasons, it kind of hits my nerves.... Sigh.

Most of the Manga I have read have not been listed here :(. Not that I really care much. I do not read many mangas. And I am way too lazy to add any listings myself.

~Off to play a role-playing game through MSN

~Thanks again VivisQueen! 

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sothis avatar sothis
Jul 8, 2009

Thanks for the kind words :) manga will start to be added again once I've fixed V3's bugs and have some time to relax XD

As a note, you can read up about all of the new V3 features here, and the site news section on the bottom right of the homepage, or the forum the link above is in, always has news about what's being added. The 'to watching' button was mentioned there, so if you want to stay up on what's going on, check those out! ^_^

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