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I'm open to socializing with anyone :D I'm kind of lonely

Well, to introduce myself:

I'm: Chinese, family is from Shangdong

I'm: currently in the mood of not being at school

I'm: getting close to wearing glasses because of anime

I'm: 5 ft 6 in(168 cm), quite tall for my age and ethnicity

I'm: currently in the process of forgetting a guy I liked for two years, ended up in one sided love :(

I'm: somewhat a straight A- student(what else do you expect of an Asian)

I'm: in an intermediate band at school, playing the alto saxophone

I'm: quite nice, funny, but in a tired and impatient mood, and stressed out by math. 

I'm: older than most of my classmates, I repeated first grade

I'm: more "knowledgeable" than most of my classmates, counting girls I'm probably the best student

My: worst class(SO BORING) is Language Arts, also known as English

My: best class(AWESOME,EASY AND SOCIAL) is Spanish

My: favorite anime now is Rurouni Kenshin

My: favorite bands are L'Arc~en~Ciel and Nightmare

My: favorite celebrity is hyde,from L'Arc~en Ciel(kisses and hugs to hyde!!!),

second favorite is Sakito from Nightmare. He is so cool.

My: favorite music genre is Jpop and Jrock

My: social status at school is quite normal. Not popular, but not infamous either.

My: hobbies are dancing(hip hop), jewelry making, baking, and obviously being an Otaku

My: most hated sport is swimming(taken classes for years, barely improving and suffering from tiredness but Asian dad keeps saying its mandatory to go even though he is wasting money. Asian dad is not proud of the fact that I'm good at dancing. BOO HOO) This is what being Asian feels like.

My: favorite style is gothic and chic

My: most stressing class is Math. Currently taking the advanced math class at school, Algebra I in seventh grade.

My: family is a bit more populated than normal.

Strict and stubborn Asian Dad(notice how I capitalize Asian Dad. This is considered a "thing" because Asian Dads are SO DIFFERENT from normal dads),

lazy and not very smart Asian Mom,

smart and weird older sister who is quite funny. She introduced me to anime and a lot of other things.

bothersome and think-he-knows-everything younger brother.

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RedShadow Jun 7, 2013

Happy Freakin Birthday! Make it one to remember.