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Highschool of the Dead

Nov 15, 2013

High school of the dead is not ur everyday manga as one would expect.

The story follows story of  boy Named Takashi who witnessed the start of zombie accoplyse at his school and tries  to save her childhood love, from eaten. Luckily they meet bunch of survivors who accompany them as they go on journey to save themselves from zombies by mascarring them to check up on their families.
They must not hesitate to kill,or it will be them who will end up dead.

It features mix of action, romance and ofc the biggest selling point echiness thnx to good plot( if U know what I mean)

The characters are drawn beautifully with Action scenes elaborated nicely and ecchi  scenes which make it lovely to read and view.

Characters are nice and cool, variety of types are there from

Saeko who loves killing Zombies(and people for that matter)

Rei who is quite annoying at start but gets good as we progress

Shizuka the Comedian(and got the biggest Plot)

Saya The Miss Im better then all of you !

Kouta the Weapon Expert(more like freak)

And Takashi the lucky harem Getter

Overall - All is well in manga except for the long hiatus which demorilizes the reader

9/10 story
9/10 art
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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