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Tower of God - Part 2

Nov 14, 2013

Story -The story continues 5 years after the tragic betrayal of Rachel, which lead to everyone in tower believe that Twenty Fifth Baam has Died,except few single individuals. The story starts with Ja wangnan appearing for the test to climb the Tower. With his last chance to climb tower, he tries to clear 1st stage by making alliance, but that doesnt work well due to The main character - Jyu Viole Grace - The Super Badass version of Baam

The story follows Viole and his attempt to climb the tower, unlike the 1st part- he doesnt trusts anyone in start and preferes to be alone having no kindness left in him. With even greater difficulties approaching him this time, can Baam survive in this cruel world? Read the part 2 to find out, right now!

Art- The art of Manhwa's is what makes them worth read, and undoubtedly ToG -2 has a brilliant Art. Every character is detailed and has its own unique appearence. The quality is even better then part 1

Characters- ToG part 2 has even bigger character base, many new faces along with the Old faces come together on a Quest to Climb the tower. Unexpected allies and enemies make it a pure treat

Overall- Just when i thought that it couldnt get any better in part 1, ToG part 2 blowed up my expecatations and became the best Thing ever

A must read for all !

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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RingoStarr1991 says...

I think it's a little too early to review this since it is not even close to finishing?

Dec 27, 2013