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about me

About time I updated the profile, so here goes

So here goes

The Name's Anupam Goyal. I'm from India and currently studying in field of Commerce. My aim is to become a C.A. (Charted Accountant).

I first stumbled upon anime at age of 15-16 i believe. 1 day just going through cartoon channels I saw Kekkaishi/Bleach on Animax and i was very very impressed. After watching for week, i had my interst in it fully, So I downloaded Kekkaishi anime as whole and saw it, making it my 1st anime ever. Then gradually  i saw bleach,naruto,one-piece - The big 3 at that time and was totallly drawn into anime.

My 1st Manga was again Kekkaishi/Bleach, After catching up to series i craved for more so i read bleach chapters available, Though my fully 1st read Manga is Kekkaishi (325 Chapters) and thus tale continued.

I joined AP back in october after seeing a friend's signature and after checking out site, i decided to make account, Ofc forum acc was next thing I did.

Some Anime/Manga trivia for me

Longest Anime  - One Piece (stalled somewhere around 600 ep)
Longest Manga - Hajime no Ippo (1043 chapters)
Favorite Anime - Hellsing Ultimate
Favorite Manga - Too many ......
Fav Genre - Action,Sports,Comedy.
Least Fav Genre - Reverse Harem,Magical Girl

Stuff Other then Anime/Manga now
Music genre i like- Classical,Rock,Rap
Fav Band/Artist - Linkin Park,Eminem(Da Rap God), Daftr Punk,AVICII,Backstreet Boys.
Fav Movie Franchise - F&F,Step-up ,Transformers, Mission Impossible and Transporter.
Fav Movie Company - Pixar,Disney,MGM
FAv Cartoon - Tom & Jerry , Transformers

As for gaming, I love Playing Games, I Own a PS2 and PC as Game stations. My  PS2 preferences are NFS Series,WWE franchise , War and Anime related Games. My last Play was DBZ:Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

On PC - I like Playing MMORPG, Counter Strike Multiplayer(Legendary), Need for speed Series

Planning to get Alienware of build Custom PC for gaming soon.

Subs / dubs:
I prefer subs by Long Shot. Only Dubs i watched was DB Trilogy which was awesome(Sub Goku Voice is Horrible)

Anime Ratings are based on pure enjoyment.

So if something entertains me a lot - 5 star!


I like those who have strong personality,Badass,Courageous,Cute,hot.
I hate one's who always cry, do nothing ,depend on others.

My Favorite Genre are as Follows-


Few of My Favorite Series are :

                        Nodame Cantebille   Tower of God   Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
                             Code Geass      One Piece       Fullmetal Alchemist Brother hood
                                  Kekkaishi        Monster         Eyeshield21
                               Hajime no Ippo     Beelzebubb     Hellsing Ultimate
                    Seitokai Yakuindomo    Dragon Ball Z   HunterXHunter 

Nice To Meet you all, Hope we can be Friends!

I'm quite unsocialable in real life, lets hope that changes~

Im on skype,QQ and FB



I'm in love with Nia Teppelin

Dont you Dare annoy her

Nice To Meet you all, Hope we can be Friends!

Current manga Chap read-8989(excluding doujins,reread and counting marked on ap)
With rereads- 10000-10500 :3

my life spent on anime

  • 16 Minutes
  • 5 Hours
  • 5 Days
  • 1 Week
  • 3 Months
  • 0 Years

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October 2, 2013

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July 4, 2014

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total anime ratings: 151

Manga Ratings

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total manga ratings: 109


DreamMonster avatar DreamMonster


Jun 24, 2014

Yes, best of luck to both of us !  :)   

And ...  I have a feeling that I wanted to ask you something ... but ... I forgot what it was.  ^_^''   Oh well ... I guess it was nothing important ... 

DreamMonster avatar DreamMonster


Jun 24, 2014

Haha !  That bad tsundere act you just did made me imagine you doing a little happy dance like Tony Tony Chopper usually does while saying things like that XD  

I'm glad to hear that you are doing good :)  I'm doing good too. I'm not taking Spanish lessons anymore since it's summer, just trying to keep reading stuff in that language on my own to make sure the skill won't disappear and so on.  And by 'stuff'  I mean manga :P  Because I'm just too lazy to read anything else ... but even this helps.  I finally started to read Torre de Dios ... eer ... I mean Tower of God. :P  Just thought you  might want to know ... 

I'm trying to get the chance to get the master's degree in translation. (Saying that I'm not even sure I translated this sentence right from Estonian)  Anyway ... translator, I want to become one.  

And yes, I'm sorry. You know I tried to start using Skype again but I failed ... again ...  *sigh* I really am hopeless ...  I'm sorry ! 

And about time Hajime no Ippo was updated !  I already started to lose hope ... :P Thank you for that information :) 

DreamMonster avatar DreamMonster


Jun 24, 2014

Hey there, Devil-Boy ! 

How's it going ?  I just came by to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you. :P  Also I was wondering what you've been up to and all that. 

Sianeka avatar Sianeka


Jun 22, 2014

Your manga length blog list will be going away/removed from the site when the site redesign goes live. I'd hate for this information to be lost, so in order to keep it, you need to move it to a new home on the site since there will be no more Blog section.

Perhaps you could post this as a Forum topic, or post it in your bio section of Profile (About Me) section.  Sadly, you cannot set up some Cuystom Manga lists for the info; there are currently only Custom Lists for anime.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get back to me, and I will try to assist.

EHero09 avatar EHero09


Jun 20, 2014

I wouldn't know who "best girl" is, but my personal favourite character is Setsuna. I still don't know why.

Negima just seems to be one of those manga that I always enjoy reading no matter how many times I finish it. It probably has something to do with the characters. That and the awesome fights from time to time. I so wanna se Negi vs Rakan animated! ;-;

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