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Well I am a College student of Westwood Online. I am working on my degree to become a Game Programmer. I live in Richmond, Kentucky.

I started watching anime when I was about 12 or 13 I cant really remember, but my first offical anime would have to be Akira, then I watched Princess Mononok. I watch a few more different anime until I came across Fullmetal Alchemist, which I loved. After that I have been watching many different anime's as well as reading a mangas.

Well thats about it! ^^


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Animedreamer240 Jun 5, 2008


I used to post my fanfics on,  but I deleted them about a year ago because of the amount of pressure I received from fans.  I just had total writers block for a year, and even now, I don't feel motivation to continue those stories I wrote years ago.  I can definitely tell you what they're about, later. =)  

I find my strengths in characters such as Kyo or Shigure (I don't usually play them together), Akito, Hatori, Ayame, and Tohru. What about you?? Are you interested in RPing?

I use MSN and AIM equally the most, but I have a preference towards MSN.  I'm also invisible a lot on both.  Have you already tried to add me?  I'll check in a sec too. ^^

Rye Jun 5, 2008

oh ok ^^'s ur kendo?

Animedreamer240 Jun 4, 2008

-cry!- Oh well, nothing we can do about it.. :< For some reason, I don't like many of the anime under the Fruits Basket recommendation section.. FB was just too special. Have you checked out the recommendations? I used to write fanfics for FB, and I still role-play it till this very day. =3

Rye Jun 2, 2008

hehe thnx ^^'' so ur bro likes anime too? or ur the only one in the family who's into anime?

foureyedalice May 31, 2008

Right now I share my time between the upper midwest and the mid-Atlantic.  How do you like Kendo?  I recently re-started Aikido and am thinking of going to some of the weapons classes at the dojo.