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Hi there, folks! I've been an anime fan since I discovered Naruto in 2009. I've since found that I actually enjoy genres besides action. 

I'm a college student, and I work during the summer. I spend much of my spare time aniblogging, watching anime, and otherwise hanging out in the aniblogosphere. But I also like to write about other subjects, run, hike, and battle with Grandma for the highest Bejeweled score. 

My star ratings are rather subjective. This shows most obviously when an anime is technically good, but offends or bores me. Also, I'm harsher with my star ratings than I was in my first year or two, so something I rated five stars in 2010 might now only be four stars (or even three). I'm pickier now that I've watched more. Still, I don't change the star rating unless I've rewatched the show.

Favorite anime: Gungrave

Favorite genre: Sports anime.

Background: A family of dango. The two big ones are based on Nagisa and Tomoya from Clannad.

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Hesse says...

Hi there Annalyn,

Thanks for the review comment. Regarding Durarara, I guess I just expected some grand resolution to all the chaos I had just witnessed. For me, it seemed bizarre that Celty's head was swept under the rug (uh, figuratively), with no further exploration of Izaya's goals. Hmm, perhaps the light novels may clarify things...

As for the three protagonists, I thought they were dull simply because the writers had to force them to be interesting - their development/backstories just didn't feel natural. So the sudden twists fell flat for me. But to each their own!

Oh and by the way, I checked out your blog and that Improv Everywhere video made me smile :) 'Gotta share!'

Jul 6, 2011
thereviewer58 says...

just thought i would say hi so Hi

May 21, 2011
Xplayer says...

Similarly I had forgotten that I had made a comment on a review of that anime. There must be some sort of forgetfulness curse associated with the anime ;)

Apr 15, 2011
Sheex says...

This is several months late (I am bad and slow, apparently), but thanks for the vote of confidence on my Fate/Stay Night comments! That, along with Shigurui and True Tears, continue to be endless sources of (amusing) hatemail despite having left AP reviewing some time ago. Some people really struggle with the fact that their ~most favorite anime ever~ may not be as wonderful as it seems. =P

Take care and see you around!

Mar 8, 2011
MOJ says...

Thanks for the comment.

Well sometimes respect for ones teacher outwieghs the sense of fashion. Not so much his fashion that bothers me, but his obsession with his teacher

Mar 5, 2011