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Hi there, folks! I've been an anime fan since the summer of 2009 when I discovered Naruto. I've since found that I actually enjoy genres besides action, including sports anime. That was a surprise. 

Studies, actual real life social interaction (yes, weird, I know. It's new to me, too, but dorms are condusive to making friends), and writing take up more anime time than they used to. Forums... yeah, I haven't been on the forums in a long time.

Other places to find me:

Twitter (see feed below)

Tumblr: Watching, Thinking, Writing

My blog's Facebook page.

My blog, Annalyn's Thoughts (link to the side). I've mostly been writing about anime. However, on occasion, I'll also write on other topicsI try to post at least once a month, and more often when I have time and brain energy to spare.

Maybe someday I'll blog regularly again... it's a nice idea, anyway.

I'm posting regularly this summer, and I'd love it if you'd stop by!

This summer, I got in the habit of posting every Thursday (now Friday), and guess what? I've actually kept it up, with a few exceptions due to homework. 

My star ratings are rather subjective. On top of that, I'm harsher with my star ratings than I used to be, so something I rated five stars last year might now only be four stars. I'm pickier now that I've watched more. Still, I don't change the star rating unless I've rewatched the show.

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thereviewer58 avatar thereviewer58


May 21, 2011

just thought i would say hi so Hi

Xplayer avatar Xplayer


Apr 15, 2011

Similarly I had forgotten that I had made a comment on a review of that anime. There must be some sort of forgetfulness curse associated with the anime ;)

Sheex avatar Sheex

Thanks! ^_^

Mar 8, 2011

This is several months late (I am bad and slow, apparently), but thanks for the vote of confidence on my Fate/Stay Night comments! That, along with Shigurui and True Tears, continue to be endless sources of (amusing) hatemail despite having left AP reviewing some time ago. Some people really struggle with the fact that their ~most favorite anime ever~ may not be as wonderful as it seems. =P

Take care and see you around!

MOJ avatar MOJ

Thanks! ^_^

Mar 5, 2011

Thanks for the comment.

Well sometimes respect for ones teacher outwieghs the sense of fashion. Not so much his fashion that bothers me, but his obsession with his teacher

default avatar Leif


Feb 19, 2011

Star Ocean was awsome until the last episode. Way to stop a story at the climax Square Enix! But it was great until then.

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