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Anime 101


I decided to do a series of posts titled "Anime 101" on my regular blog, Annalyn's Thoughts. The first two installments, especially, are written with anime-ignorant people in mind, but it gets more in depth as the blog posts go on. Will get more in depth. I have the entire thing written, but I'm putting it up slowly. The end result will address misconceptions about anime, its connections with manga, and its history and rise to international consumption. I greatly enjoyed researching the topic last spring, and I hope others will enjoy reading. I added pictures to help make it interesting (more in the second post than the first).

Here's an excerpt. For the rest, start at this post.

Part I – Introduction

One lazy summer day, I sat on my bed with my laptop, searching for passive entertainment. Having exhausted my usual television shows, I looked for something new and exciting. Through some forgotten process, I ended up on the page of a Japanese animated TV series called Naruto that was geared toward teens. Within two episodes the show captured me, whirling me into the fictional world of a young ninja. I enjoyed its plot, its lighthearted moments, the scenes of emotional, relational, and physical struggle, and the many times I laughed out loud. This new style of animation had me hooked, and before long I wanted to add similar shows.

Over the past year, my interaction with Japanese animation (known as “anime”) has expanded significantly. Before (and after) I began researching for this paper, I spent a horrendous amount of hours watching Naruto and other anime. This became my favorite escape, especially when school and life in general wore me out. I began to realize the enormity of this form of entertainment, not just in Japan and America, but all over the world

. I became curious about the medium, and decided to research it, both for my own sake and the sake of my befuddled parents and friends. As a result, I learned about anime and manga (its printed cousin) and the history

behind them.


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