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filter: December 2010  

My favorite Earl and Fairy Quotes

31 DEC

For my opinion on the anime Earl and Fairy as a whole, see my review. I just wanted to share snipets of my favorite conversations in the show. ... L... read more

Comments on the Most Obnoxious Characters in the History of TV

23 DEC

I watched Jubei-chan a couple months ago, before I discovered anime-planet. While it's not the freshest in my memory, I've been thinking about the sho... read more

Working!! - Favorite!! Comedy!! Anime!! Ever!!

19 DEC

For those of you that don't know, the double exclamation marks are actually a part of the the anime's name. I'm not actually that enthusiastic of a pe... read more

Berserk - Intriguing, Sickening, good action...

18 DEC

I just finished Berserk. Yep, once again I stayed up too late in order to finish a series. Too late to say much but, here's a few things about the ani... read more

Gungrave - a new favorite

14 DEC

Touching. Intriguing. Best gun fights EVER. Downright wonderful. I want to watch again. I'll come back and edit this blog after a good night's sl... read more