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Naruto Shippuden Proceeds!


           Join me in belated celebration as the latest wave of Naruto fillers ends and the true story proceeds! Yes, I realize I'm a bit late. But I'd taken a few weeks off Naruto and didn't notice that the filler episodes had finally stopped until less than a week ago. Then finals and scholarship deadlines swept me away in a storm of stress before I could finish polishing this post. I couldn't help it.

           But now, finally, I am able to post my celebration of Naruto's return. Here's a short excerpt. Please read the entire post at my blog, Annalyn's Thoughts. I can't tell if anyone actually reads what I write here, so I prefer to divert them to my true blog. Then I know I have visitors, even if you don't comment. Though if you do comment, I shall be very happy!

Let the celebrating begin!

Warning: post contains minor spoilers if you haven’t watched up to the most recent filler arc.

– Without further ado, I give you today’s main feature –

           I sit in front of our home computer since we need to replace our wireless router. I type in “hulu.com/naruto-shippuden” and the familiar page comes up. Laptop in hand, Word document up, I click on episode 197, “The Sixth Hokage Danzo.” The episode delights me, since it means the several months of fillers have finally come to an end. But I’m also hesitant. Danzo. I’ve known since twenty episodes ago that he would be the next Hokage of the Hidden Leaf, but a small part of me hoped it was not true. I like Danzo even less than I liked Orochimaru. At least that snake guy was obvious about how evil he was.

            Naruto’s mangaka did not ask my opinion, though, any more than the anime adaptors asked whether I wanted all those fillers. And since I persevered through the fillers, I’m not about to desert Naruto over a small matter like Danzo... (find the rest here).

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Annalyn avatar Annalyn
Mar 5, 2011

Thanks for the comment!You should be able to comment on the other blog without registering, but it's not a big deal.

I can kind of understand Naruto's feelings. There's a loyalty there that runs deep. He'll fight Sasuke if he has too, but he continues to hope for the possibility of redemption. It's kind of a theme with him; look at how the Pain arc ended. Naruto held back his hunger for revenge at the end there. Despite all the grief Pain had caused him and so many others, Naruto began to believe even that enemy could listen, and even turn around. If Naruto doesn't give up on such terrible enemies, he's not going to give up on Sasuke. That kind of loyalty isn't just for Sasuke's sake; it's for Naruto's as well. He's held on to that belief for so long, it would hurt to let go of it. At least, I think so. Plus there's the whole promise to Sakura and his anti-revenge campaign.

I don't think Sasuke hates Naruto, as much as he might try to. It's just that, by looking out for Sasuke's best interest, Naruto gets in the way of his plans and messes up his mindset.

And Hinata is too timid for Naruto (and that coming from me!). She'll get unintentionally hurt by him if she doesn't bone up.

MOJ avatar MOJ
Mar 5, 2011

I read your original blog and will comment here becuase i will have to create an account on that website.

It was a true delight to see the real story back on track. To top it all off, the sotry episodes have less fillers than the episodes at the start and middle of the Shippuden (or so i feel). Naruto has grown, but i still don't understand his feelins for Saske. Meaning the guy tried to kill him and hates Naruto obviously. I think Naruto should find a new purpose in life (like Hinata :D )

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