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Comments on the Most Obnoxious Characters in the History of TV

23 DEC

I watched Jubei-chan a couple months ago, before I discovered anime-planet. While it's not the freshest in my memory, I've been thinking about the show quite a bit, and wanted share some comments on it. More precisely, I wanted to nominate a few of the characters for Most Annoying Characters in the History of Visual Pop Culture. These characters, whom I will list shortly, fit what I will call the Recipe for Obnoxious.

- Bontaro Sanbonatsu (aka Cheif, Skipper, or Boss): The leader of the Ruffians, a group of supposed delinquents whose only crime is being in this anime. Which is pretty big crime.

- The other two Ruffians: slightly less annoying than their boss.

- Shirahatamaru Otome: The leader of a goth-loli clique, Otome has a big crush on Shiro. I kept wishing she'd get run over by a train.

- Otome's two friends: slightly less annoying than Otome

Recipe for Obnoxious

Imagine SpongeBob and Patrick at their most annoying, though perhaps not at their most crude. Multiply this by ten, and set it aside in a bowl.

In a separate bowl, combine the five most obnoxious One Piece Characters at their most obnoxious. At my stage in the anime, this would probably include Buggy the Clown and that guy from the Alabasta arc who wears a swan ballerina costume and make up (XP Bleh!).

Pour the contents of the first bowl into the second.

Throw in Guy Sensei and Rock Lee (from Naruto) at their most enthusiastic, complete with shiny hair, misfit designs, green jumpsuits and orange legwarmers.

Capture the essence of a blaring alarm clock or a clanging bell at four in the morning and stir it in. Add a pinch more of whine.

If you have a younger sibling, think of one of the times they've annoyed you most, take away the fact you love them, and multiply the experience by 100. Add this in.

If you don't have a younger sibling, or you have never considered your sibling the least bit annoying, think of another instance that bugged you. Add this in.

Split the batter into two parts.

- Take the first, subtract any IQ level your sibling may have added, and pour it into three monkey molds. After it has settled for a while, remove from molds and take even more IQ from the cockiest looking monkey thing. You now have Bontaro and the Ruffians.

- Take the second half of the batter, subtract any IQ level your sibling may have added, and place into three molds. All three molds, but one in particular, should be of shiny parasol-weilding, late 1800s/early 1900s Western clothing-wearing girls. Let set. Remove from molds, and give one in particular a high voice and a massive crush on Shiro. You now have Shirahatamaru Otame and her two friends.

Feel free to slam the finished products of this recipe against the wall, flatten, and run them through a shredding machine.


As I write, I remember more and more about the characters from Jubei-chan. Some of them were annoying, some unncessary, and some inconsistent. In fact, I seem to remember Shiro and his brother being COMPLETELY different in the second series than in the first. Maybe I'll rewatch Jubie-chan and finish the second series and attempt a review. I remember the show having some merit, but I have a feeling the character section of the review will be no higher than a 5/10. If I do rewatch the series, I might add to this post.

Stay tuned! Next blog post (maybe) - The Horrifying Change from Cool to Ruffian: Is that really Shiro?

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FotacienShado avatar FotacienShado
Feb 11, 2013

I agree with your pick of annoying characters, but even so "good monkey/morning monkey" should not be placed on the same list as "chief", chief is the biggest douche bag lose to exist, the other two are annoying but chief is the king

Funari avatar Funari
Mar 21, 2012

This was written colorfully enough that I kind of feel like watching Jubei-chan to see if they can top the antics of Ping Pong Club, now. Really need to do something about certain self-destructive impulses...

dakotasapphire avatar dakotasapphire
Jun 28, 2011

This is hilarous! :)

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