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Hi there, folks! I've been an anime fan since the summer of 2009 when I discovered Naruto. I've since found that I actually enjoy genres besides action, including sports anime. That was a surprise. 

Studies, actual real life social interaction (yes, weird, I know. It's new to me, too, but dorms are condusive to making friends), and writing take up more anime time than they used to. Forums... yeah, I haven't been on the forums in a long time.

Other places to find me:

Twitter (see feed below)

Tumblr: Watching, Thinking, Writing

My blog's Facebook page.

My blog, Annalyn's Thoughts (link to the side). I've mostly been writing about anime. However, on occasion, I'll also write on other topicsI try to post at least once a month, and more often when I have time and brain energy to spare.

Maybe someday I'll blog regularly again... it's a nice idea, anyway.

I'm posting regularly this summer, and I'd love it if you'd stop by!

This summer, I got in the habit of posting every Thursday (now Friday), and guess what? I've actually kept it up, with a few exceptions due to homework. 

My star ratings are rather subjective. On top of that, I'm harsher with my star ratings than I used to be, so something I rated five stars last year might now only be four stars. I'm pickier now that I've watched more. Still, I don't change the star rating unless I've rewatched the show.

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Zutto avatar Zutto


Apr 8, 2014

It's pas midnight here, so i want to thank you for the book you wrote on my profile miss Annalyn. Mayb i will fall asleep faster this way.

Nah i'am joking, thanks for replying back :). 

I never finished reading the entire thread. As it's 54 pages long haha. I think after finishing my last response there, i kinda went away and never looked back cause of some important things happening in my life back then. Excuse me if i didn't respond to you after that. But i hoped the thread helped you on your paper :).

When i asked you how you were doing with your religion i was not expecting for you to say that you abandoned it by the way. The way you responded in the thread already convinced me you are a true belie(b)ver. And i would not have a chance to convince you. But i enjoy these conversations and i also enjoy to listen how others think. Its quite interesting.                                                                                I respect you for holding your ground. Everyone goes through a hard time now and then. I'am glad your faith helped you with that. Thats one thing that i envie, faith can give you strenght in some moments of your life. For example, the brother of a friend of mine died.  And it really made her depressed, but she always says that she will meet him after when her own life ends. Ofcourse i have a hard time believing that and thats what it makes it even harder. Because if a family member of mine dies, i just know i will never be able to see/meet or talk with that person.

Anyways that might be a little offtopic :P.

So christian college and a minor in bible huh? Well whatever suits your interest. But don't you worry, ill be here to throw some interesting scientific facts at you now and then. I'am studying for a medical degree. I always found the human body very interesting. There are lot of pictures arround where you can see a close-up of neurons and the universe. And how similar they look. You could not even compare human cells to planet earth. As the universe is so big, it makes Earth way smaller then one single cell we have on our arm.

Though a living cell in an human body has a purpose. Cant say that about our planet and everyone living on it. But for some reason every living creature protects itself and wants to live. So there must be something. But i just dont think its all just so we can enter Heaven and live in a paradise. 

What do you think the purpose is?

There is a lot to say and discuss, i see iam not being really organized with my typing. Sorry for that. 

To answer the 'Have you been giving the topic more thought' question. Yes i kinda think about it now and then. But i don't really talk about it with anyone else or something like that. As most people i know are atheist or weak believers. So you will be the person i come to if i wanna learn more.

Glad you are having fun at school and doing oke :).

Zutto avatar Zutto


Apr 7, 2014


It's been a while. I clicked on my 'Religion' thread out of boredom, to mayb find some interesting things haha. And as you literally wrote a book there, i was wondering how its going with your religion?

WhyteRhose avatar WhyteRhose

You Rock!

Jun 23, 2013

...We are so much in sync! :D

I love your anime blog. I am also a novelist on Wattpad. You joined this site exactly a day before my birthday!

Could this be fate? ;)

Also, is that Another in your signature? New favourite anime? Plus, I love Working!! so much. 

Must check out your favourites! :D

qdplayer avatar qdplayer


Jun 29, 2012

read your recommendation for dear boys/hoop days when i was looking for another basketball anime. Its pretty good just wanted to say thx for recommending it.

totavo avatar totavo


Feb 12, 2012

Thanks for commenting on my profile, I agree with you on the Tuturu video, that is actually not the original one, the orignal one was taken down, and i replaced it with that one. It is a really good video, although I wish I had thought of the idea. :D

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