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27 JUL

So I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that I'm going on holiday for the next three weeks. The bad news is that I won't be able to go on the internet and that I can't watch anime! :'(

Oh well, I'll just have to wait... Anyway, I'll be back in 3 weeks

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PurpleCatAngel avatar PurpleCatAngel
Jul 27, 2012

It's okay. When I go places, I can't watch any anime either because there's no internet service or I doing too many things. Have fun on holiday.:)

turtleduck avatar turtleduck
Jul 27, 2012

That sucks. You would think "Yay a holiday, unlimited anime" but I guess that can't happen. Well I hope you have fun on your holiday! 

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