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(Note: Please for everyone to notice this message my Grammer & Spelling are very horrible and i cannot help in changing to who i am so please if you can lets be friend still.)

My Real Name is Eddie and i came upon this site to fix my problem of what episode i am on and what anime i really set my eye into watching. From the looks onto the site i notice it has do not watch selection i am person that i gotta watch all anime and have to like all of them if they boring or plain stupid but i am a otaku and i am happy to say anime is my life and i am glad to be that guy who came across anime on vhs with my uncle first showing me ranma 1/2, Speed racer, Devilman,Fist of the north star,Astro boy and many more.

When i grew alittle older i have came across toonami and i follow this journy to new amazing anime like Dragon ball,Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, Zoids, Sailormoon, Ronin Warriors, Rurouni Kenshin, Hamtora, Code Lyoko And many more. 

When i hit age 14 i made very first anime site it wasn't much beside from having the anime that hit toonami. I have made other site growing up and having them either remove or other things happen to it so yeah. But last year on 2013 on january 1st i made Full dub site with cartoon & movies and Full Sub site with sub & movies it is a free web server i am using but so far my Site turn 1 year old on January 1st 2014 and having to be the only person to add alone to these two site for my dub i have added 5,600+ Videos and for my Sub its only 1,000+ videos added i tend to focus more on my dub site more then my sub but i am doing what i can.

Anywho if you would like to see my sites you can by clicking these picture banner ok



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JohnWatchAnime Mar 11, 2014

I've been on anime-planet for quite some time, i can definitely say that's it's great to keep track of your anime!.

Btw, I've checked out your website and it looks really cool!

JohnWatchAnime Mar 10, 2014

Hello and welcome to anime-planet!