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Hi! My name is Animesgirl,

Can't really say much about myself excapet for I'm a lonner, and don't like alot of compainy. My nickname at school is the Mentaly Unstable Pycopathic Canable Eating Witch. I really don't know how that got started though. Just know that I may be mentally unstable and a bit of a witch but I AM NO CANABLE...(even though I like to drink blood and cut.)

I'm kinda left out at school. (I will not menchun the reason.). So I'm always quet.

ANIME REALLY RULES MY LIFE... (watched it since 2 or 3 years old.)

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Shenice10 Nov 24, 2007

Sorry, No i missed it too!!!!!!!!! T.T

angleofdeath Nov 24, 2007

ha,ya do that because i want to learn more about you.And if you want to know, my name is David. here have a penny its for luck

  1. hope this pulls you closer to getting better
  2. here give this to your sister maybe she'll chill out
  3. here just for you get better soon
angleofdeath Nov 23, 2007

Hay,do you have a MySpace?And just your luck i love horrer movie,i will only fight if neccesary,i always recpect woman,and i LOVE Anime.So do you like video game?

angleofdeath Nov 23, 2007

so what would you want in a boyfriend?and yesterday i checked the last time you where on and i found out you where on at 4:00 in the if i am right what are you doing up that early you should be asleep? 

angleofdeath Nov 22, 2007

hay just me,truest me i know how kids are i have to babysit, so how was your thinksgiving (or as my mom calls it bird day)lol hope it was good,you should go o the chat line some time 

 bye, time 12:11am

PS. do you want a boy friend? and no im not hiting on you unless you want me to.