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Hi! My name is Animesgirl,

Can't really say much about myself excapet for I'm a lonner, and don't like alot of compainy. My nickname at school is the Mentaly Unstable Pycopathic Canable Eating Witch. I really don't know how that got started though. Just know that I may be mentally unstable and a bit of a witch but I AM NO CANABLE...(even though I like to drink blood and cut.)

I'm kinda left out at school. (I will not menchun the reason.). So I'm always quet.

ANIME REALLY RULES MY LIFE... (watched it since 2 or 3 years old.)

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1010rikku says...

*looks around innocently* I never said girls could not fight...maybe meromex did...

Dec 10, 2007
Lolo says...

im glad your feeling better and that guy is finally getting what he deserves ....pervert

Keep your head up sweetie! 

Dec 10, 2007
angleofdeath says...
great i think you should send me a pic of your self to my yahoo acount please i want to see a pic of you
Dec 8, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

I have never had stiches so I am sorry I really don't know the feeling.  i can imagine and I symphathize with you.  I broke my foot once, it was really not fun!  I am glad to see you are back and doing well ^_^

Dec 6, 2007
angleofdeath says...

is that a yes please tell me that is a yes

Dec 3, 2007