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Hi! My name is Animesgirl,

Can't really say much about myself excapet for I'm a lonner, and don't like alot of compainy. My nickname at school is the Mentaly Unstable Pycopathic Canable Eating Witch. I really don't know how that got started though. Just know that I may be mentally unstable and a bit of a witch but I AM NO CANABLE...(even though I like to drink blood and cut.)

I'm kinda left out at school. (I will not menchun the reason.). So I'm always quet.

ANIME REALLY RULES MY LIFE... (watched it since 2 or 3 years old.)

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angleofdeath Dec 18, 2007

yo how you been r you gonig to be on tomarrow

angleofdeath Dec 18, 2007

no im not a murder just wondering

TrueWolf18 Dec 18, 2007
sure i would love 2 have it
angleofdeath Dec 17, 2007

hay you scared me not talkin to me for so long so whats new with you today

ps. try to get on at12pm i will get on not to later then that beutiful

pss. i think your hot and do you have a phone that can take pics?

love ya bye

Misha Dec 16, 2007

Thanks,the name came for the anime PITA TEN: Misha is a fool Angel.. like me..hahahaha