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Hi! My name is Animesgirl,

Can't really say much about myself excapet for I'm a lonner, and don't like alot of compainy. My nickname at school is the Mentaly Unstable Pycopathic Canable Eating Witch. I really don't know how that got started though. Just know that I may be mentally unstable and a bit of a witch but I AM NO CANABLE...(even though I like to drink blood and cut.)

I'm kinda left out at school. (I will not menchun the reason.). So I'm always quet.

ANIME REALLY RULES MY LIFE... (watched it since 2 or 3 years old.)

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kenshina Jul 8, 2008

Oh hi.

o_o I read your profile.  Sorta sad.

XD that's one big and long and strange nickname haha (Oh I am not making fun of you but of the nickname)  I wonder what kind of person gave that nickname.

I am quiet too.  I don't socialize, sometimes I pefer not too, but I know, somewhere in, I will like to show myself a bit more social with them.  Oh but I prefer to stay independent (that is, not attracted by what other does but stay within my own judge)

I like your avatar ^_^ Utawarerumono.  My favorite is the wing fluffy eared sword woman.  She is at the same time cool and cute.  I wanna wear her costume~  But well, I am not good for that.

I am at the moment more curious about what kind of person you are. 

=p Do you mind telling me?  Like your hobby, your dream or stuff personal or whatever you think of telling me~  You can invent but I always prefer to know truth.

See ya.

Cfos Jul 8, 2008

The best ava I've seen for a long time, I'm sure the pic is from Utawarerumono, but you haven't seen this anime??


loverofanime Jun 14, 2008

all right, come back soon, and tell me what you have been up to

angleofdeath May 29, 2008

hey how have you been babe