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Hey there!! I love anime and making new friends XD so if you wanna chat dont be scared ^^

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XxZeroeZxX Jul 15, 2013

lol, I like how u mimiced my dry matter of fact tone. School is important Jess-chan, it's what allows u to enter the "real world" (gasp). So what do u study? I'm a Civil Engineer. Yeah, I'm that smart, no need to say it -_- lol.

Well, feel free to talk to me whenever u like? So what do u wanna talk about ^_^

XxZeroeZxX Jul 15, 2013

I used to play basketball back in the day, but once I hit college I "retired" lol. I was known mostly for blocking shots. As for currently, I just graduated from Cornell in May and I'm going to grad school in the Fall. Hobby-wise I don't do much lol, watch anime, talk about anime, talk about society in general, yeah talking and meeting new people is fun ^_^.

See if you can work w/ that lol.

XxZeroeZxX Jul 13, 2013

Alrighty, that's good lol

...So tell me about yourself ^_^

XxZeroeZxX Jul 9, 2013

Welcome, to ap friend. ^_^

All are welcome in the House of Zero!

lol, I think that's one of my more epic introductions.

...please don't be scared -_-