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Hello. I'm Daijah but my friends call me Luna cuz of my love for the moon, my cat-like personality, and my relation to Wicca. I'm 16 and Sailor Moon was the first anime i ever saw and since then i've been dedicated to absorbing any knowledge of manga, anime, and japanese culture. I'm still learning and discovering new things but it's led me to a new world that i never want to leave. Personally i haven't drawn in a while and i need to pick it back up. Wish me luck and hopefully everyone can see it when it's done <3

Favorite Manga: Princess Ai, Gravitation (ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!!!), Battle Vixens, etc. (Honestly too many to list. I LOVE ANIME AND MANGA) and books by Clamp

Favorite Music: Rock (punk, emo, alternative, etc) J-Pop, J-Rock, Techno, but i just love music in general so i pretty much listen to anything except country

Favorite Movie: Any anime or japanese related movie such as The Audition etc Moulin Rouge and many others. Particularly vampire movies

Favorite Book: Harry Potter Series, Chronicles of Narnia, Inkspell Trilogy, Eragon, etc mostly fantasy novels

Favorite Sport: I don't really like sports but volleyball and tennis are alright

Hobbies: Singing, drawing, reading, video games, computers, playing music (flute, keyboard, learning guitar) etc and i'm also Wiccan

If you wanna know any more about me, feel free to ask ^^ And for anyone who's curous, I'm bisexual <3

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wolfangel87 says...


It is nice to meet you too!!!!

I am actually a wiccan too!  That is realy interesting to meet someone else! 

Nov 25, 2007
wolfangel87 says...

Great profile!!!

I loved the Harry Potter Series too! 

Nov 21, 2007
sothis says...

Hi Luna! Looks like you joined us long ago but haven't been back in awhile. As I've added a billion new features since then, might I convince you to come back and check us out? ;)

There are lots of new profile options now, like the ability to add friends and favorites, more profile options (click "my profile" on the left to fill it out), the "my life spent on anime" bar which calculates based on your anime list, new anime list options like stalled and won't watch, custom signatures ("my signature" on the left) that you can design or use a default, and a lot more! o_o You can also now rate anime 1-5 stars and fill out your anime list easily by going to the alphabetical list of the anirec and selecting something for each title (no page loads!)

So yeah, come back and check us out sometime! I'm always adding new stuff, and would love to give you a more in depth tour if you are interested. ^_^ ttys!

~sothis, webmistress

Oct 31, 2007