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I am a reviewer or critic. I do not like expressing my own feelings or dislikes when I critisize.

When I do express my own opinions, I'll put them at the bottom of the review. I like to rate by the 5* ratings. And then choose the tactical words to put down the positive and negative stars.

I like to point out by logic the faults and good made that I found.

~Just like to put in, alot of the shows I've watched, I was asked to review by others~

And when I say "watched" it means every episode whether I liked it or not.

The Nihongo Cartoons (Japanese Anime) I've seen (not in order):

Rurouni Kenshin

Dragon Ball (even the episodes before banned)

Dragon Ball Z & GT (the original non edited)

Case Closed

Street Fighter IV

Pumpkin Scissors

One Piece (original)

Outlaw Star



Tenchi Muyo


Gurren Lagann (Nihongo & Eng)

Elemental Gerade


Ah! My Goddess

GunxSword (Nihongo and English)

Death Note

Fruit Basket




Cowboy Bebop

Naruto (1st series)

Kino's Journey (Nihongo & English)

Rozen Maiden


Spice and Wolfe (English)


*Chick-flic* or Anime Made Generally for girl viewers

Love Hine

Chobits (Nihongo)

Shugo Chara (Nihongo)

Sailor Moon

Ouran High School Host Club


Nihongo Children-based `I also grewup watching

Sakura Cardcaptor


Yugioh (Originals)

Pokemon (Original and even the episodes before banned)

TMNT 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'

One Piece (4kids)

Shaman King (4kids)

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Hello!  sothis is redesigning the anime-planet site, and plans to roll out an awesome new site design in July, we believe. The blog feature is not part of the new design, and it is going away.  More information about this here:  Announcement: the blog feature is being deprecated topic link.  (Be sure to check out the new site design when it goes live!)

The blog pages are going away, and will be gone when the site redesign goes live. Your blog here will be removed from the site.

So, if want to keep the information posted in your blog, you will need to copy this information someplace else on the site. If you have any questions how or where to do this, please feel free to get back to me, and I will try to assist.