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Hey! I hope to make some awesome friends! Let's bond through our experiences of anime!!!

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SlaserX says...

To enjoy it from start to finish... plus there's episodes I've forgotten that may be important in the end.

Apr 4, 2008
wolfangel87 says...

Oooooo Sailor Moon!!!!  That was the first anime that I ever watched!  ^_^

Apr 4, 2008
Kivan says...

38 year old woman form america that watches anime.... sounds cool :) hehe

where the U S of A ?:) lol 

Apr 2, 2008
SlaserX says...

Awesome! I watched the dub on tv back in the day when it was on, infact I downloaded uncompressed avi files of japanese episodes over dialup (!!!). I did miss all the new episodes when they came to cartoon network though... I've been planning on rewatching the whole show from the beginning, I just haven't had the motivation to do so lately lol. Maybe I'll break down and do it soon...

Apr 2, 2008
Kivan says...

no problem :) it's my pleasure :) where are you from ^_^?

Apr 1, 2008