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My favorite anime!

10 SEP

Wow, it's been a long time since I wrote a blog.....

Well here is a new one! Enjoy! <3

First of all I want to welcome you all to my profile,I really hope you like it. Today I'll be writing a blog about my favorite anime. I'll give it all I've got to make this blog faboo, so you all don't say "look how many words she spelled wrong!" (XD). No,but really I'm sorry if I made some spelling mistakes. So let's go! (Here goes nothing ^-^).

The anime is called: INAZUMA ELEVEN!!

There are two seasons for this anime. First season has 127 episodes, (watched them all XD! I'm a freak). The second season is still running. For now there are 19+ episodes. (Episode 18 & 19 are still RAW). The second season is called INAZUMA ELEVEN GO!

There is a movie out too. It's called Inazuma Eleven: Saikyou Gundan Ogre Shuurai. This is a movie related to the first season. So if you want to watch this anime, watch it in this order:




There are "rumors" that there will be another Inazuma Eleven movie coming out. It's a movie related to the second season. Here is a link for a trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6X0y24fv0M0&NR=1

You are probably wondering what this anime is about,right? Well it's an anime about football! I know it sounds stupid but it's really interesting; (and that's an opinion comming from a girl).

Here are some characters from the first season (WARNING: therearemanymanymanycharectersinInazumaElevensoyoumightwanttoskipthis ; and also good luck reading that ^-^).

Endou Mamoru; Goenji Shuuya; Kazemaru Ichirouta; Fubuki Shirou; Tsunami Jousuke; Fudou Akio; Sakuma Jirou; Genda Kojirou; Tachimukai Yuuki; Utsunomia Toramaru; Tobitaka Seiya; Someoka Ryuugo; Kabeyama Heigorou; Ichinose Kazuya; Domon Asuka; Kogure Yuuya; Afuro Terumi (Aphrodi); Ulpa Rococo; Aldena Fidio; Valtinas Edgar;

To be continued....


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