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Well I've been avoiding making this thing but here goes i guess... I love writing, reading, drawing, and watching anime. My currnet two favorite anime's are Fruits basket and Ouran high school host club. I enjoy hanging out and talking with my friends. Reccomend something to me if you think its a really good anime and i'll try to watch it if it sounds interesting. Well that's all for now, told ya im not that good at this, but at least I tried :)

bye- bye                                                             _    _

~Ava                                                                    U                 

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars." ---> My all time favorite quote



I <3 Maid sama :) cute anime that i really reccomend it!

another anime i love :) ouran highschool host club <3

 and fruits baskets <3 :)

Last but certainly not least angel beats :)

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Rachii1994 avatar Rachii1994


Nov 19, 2011


I love your channel :DD

It's so awesome! <33

It looks nice XDD

And No, I have not D:

Rachii1994 avatar Rachii1994


Nov 17, 2011

Oh my lord! D:

You are so lukcy for going to see breaking dawn! XD

I wish I could Dx

Oh wells, have fun Ava! ^-^

RedCrossRobbery avatar RedCrossRobbery


Nov 16, 2011

You should INSTANTLY watch AnoHana. So god damn emotional. And you can see how many anime I've watched on my page. It's 151 :)

RedCrossRobbery avatar RedCrossRobbery


Nov 13, 2011

i'm glad you liked it :] AnoHana is Angel Beats times 3 to me :D And I'm actually on ANime hiatus... (I've run out of titles :[)

Rachii1994 avatar Rachii1994


Nov 13, 2011

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