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Well I've been avoiding making this thing but here goes i guess... I love writing, reading, drawing, and watching anime. My currnet two favorite anime's are Fruits basket and Ouran high school host club. I enjoy hanging out and talking with my friends. Reccomend something to me if you think its a really good anime and i'll try to watch it if it sounds interesting. Well that's all for now, told ya im not that good at this, but at least I tried :)

bye- bye                                                             _    _

~Ava                                                                    U                 

"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars." ---> My all time favorite quote



I <3 Maid sama :) cute anime that i really reccomend it!

another anime i love :) ouran highschool host club <3

 and fruits baskets <3 :)

Last but certainly not least angel beats :)

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Rachii1994 Sep 11, 2011


Hm... I don't believe that we have ever met before (; Nice to meet you stranger~♥

lol, so how have you been? <3

RedCrossRobbery Sep 10, 2011

Haha, that's why I called you LITTLE D-mo. you're D-mo jr :] I hate referring to people by username, so pick a fake name for me to call you :D I've been alright I suppose. Jus being a loser and watching anime :] How are you? Are you kicking butt in school? Any creepers that I need to fight?

RedCrossRobbery Sep 10, 2011

Sure, but I'm not sure who this is :[ I know I can't say your name, but is this by chance little D-Mo? If so, heya bud :D If you get the chance, start typing in the animes you've seen in search, and start marking off the ones you've already seen using the system on here. As you can see on my page, I've seen 133 different animes. I love being able to find that out :D And no, but it will be closed within the month.