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Hey the name is Cody

I love playing basketball and Watching anime please provide me with recommendation of thing to watch.

Also very soon I would like to start reading manga.

I like playing video games such as final fantasy nba 2k11 oh one of my favorites is radiatta stories for the ps2 I like rpgs and sports games really not that much into shooters.

I would love to make some friends on here so let's be friends:)

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benedicteka Apr 23, 2011

I'd also recommend Fate/stay night and Himiko-Den, if you haven't seen them and need more to watch :)

AnimeKingdom Apr 1, 2011

Will you teach me also

I have been recommended to watch that already so I'm going to wach it right after when  they cry

AikamiChan Mar 31, 2011

Hai ^^

Yup i've watched it and i love Romance....Especially Ecchi...My 2 Favorite Genre's :P

benedicteka Mar 31, 2011

Hey ^-^

It feels like I've got too much free time sometime's and I end up watching anime ;) and I'm kind off one of the finish-what-you-strated people, so I've seen alot!

You just have to find the good one's first to really get into it, even though its not that easy.... I'd recommend Love Hina, *looking at Favorite Genres*, it's pretty good :)

And yeah, sunohara was cool! He was the fun-maker x)