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29 JUL

The background music in an anime is so important and it took me this long to really understand that. And i guess i never would have if it wasn't for a anime reviewe on youtube... 

Anyways, I watched clannad and clannad after story once again and this time a actually listned to the music. And i noticed that the music makes the feelings stronger, the tears fall more and the anime come together as a whole. It makes me think of clannad as more then an anime, sure it has it's superneutral pattern, but if you put that aside then the anime is just a piece of the real world. Sad stuff can happen to us during our happiest times, and we can laughe and enjoy every bit of our days. Clannad just makes it in a more brutal way, by having a lot of drama and "cry-like-a-baby" moments.

I will never forget the time when i decided to actually watch this anime, It was around 4 years ago, and i cried so hard and i loved it! And still I cry, but not only because of the sadness, no because the feelings and love that is in it. 

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