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Soul Eater

30 JUL

Once again I spent my whole week-end watching my darling Soul eater anime and yesterday night i spent 3 houres reading the manga from chapter 37...

It doesn't matter how many times i read or watch this series, it's soo good and my darling Soul is as cool as always!
I still hope for feelings of love between Maka and Soul, and i must say i have found or heard a lot of hints of that!
My thought on this anime/manga is that it's purely amazing and the story... I just want to jump into that world and have my own weapon partner and yeah... Catch Kishin souls! hehehehe

MY list on favorite characters from soul eater:

1. Soul!

2. Maka

(somwhere in the middle) - Harvar!! ( Ox weapon partner)

3. Kid

4: Shinigami-sama/ Lord Death

5. Spirit

6. Stain

7. Liz and Patty

8. Tsubaki

9. Sid

10- BlackStar

11. Free






100. Chrona

Yeah, sorry all Chrona fans, but no i don't like Chrona...At all...

He's just soo...soo.. annoying, sure I understand that his past was hell but I can't stand him...

Also he was sutch a coward...and whiny...... and in the manga... HE'S REALLY FUCKIN' CREEPY!!

Anways Soul Eater and Maka Albarn Rocks!!!! <333

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Marceus avatar Marceus
Jul 30, 2012

I love Soul Eater. The art style is so unique and the characters are awesome. I wish the anime didn't end the way it did though... It was pretty disappointing for me...

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