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20 JUL

I just finished watching Gosick, and i have soooo many different fellings about this anime!

Even if i liked it and thought it had a cute storyline, it was in a way wrong... The ending that is!

I really liked Kujo and at some point I came to relise, he looked sometimes like Tintin, with does clothes of his! But actually i liked Kujo's clothes, they were cool!

BUt even if it was good and cute, it was something that made me feel bad, and no, it wasn't the bloody parts, more the scenes in the end, even if one part is good the other isn't really...

I do like that the little boy, Luigi servived, from the start i really liked him! His was this really good side character! In the end when i saw that he was alive, i was like " Pheww, good, he didn't die!"
And then i saw Grevil with his old long hair coming and i was like " But..NOO! His hair is better as it always is! Damn you Grevil! Oh and good that you stayed alive aswell"

This anime turned me crazy, with so many good characters daying, but it's a thriller so... It is a thriller right? hehe...

Anyways byebye


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