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about me

My name is Aaron and I'm a 2nd year college student who starts his 3rd year very soon and will be studying IT level 3.

What made me start liking anime?

Well at first I would just hear people talking about anime and was abit skepticle of it at first but then when I started watching bleach as a first anime it suddenly dawned on me that anime is fun to watch because the story of this particular anime got me hooked and also it made me understand that there are other worlds out there which happen to be in the form of other people's minds.

Now after having watched a huge number of animes I feel like I can know what to expect in an anime no matter what anime it is.

Well I've been on this site for a few month's now but I guess I haven't really interacted with other users because I wasn't really sure on the best way to go about it but I do want to make some freinds on here but I just don't know where to begin :s

Let me list a few anime's I like:

Code Geass (All seasons)

Pokemon (All seasons)

Clannad and Clannad after story.

Kanon (2006)

Full Metal Panic (All seasons)

Shelled Regios 

Full metal alcehemist (1st anime version not the newer one)

Bleach (All seasons)

High School Of The Dead

Fate Stay/Night (2006)

Air Gear


Hope you like some of the animes listed and Please feel free to tell me what one's you like as I may be able to like them too because I may or may not of already watched them ^_^.

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Myrtille avatar Myrtille


Sep 15, 2012

Oh god, I didn't see your comment, sorryyy.

So, hem, thank you. And yeah, you coul say that xD

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