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Name: Emiily
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Intrest: Boy, Girl & Everyone in between
Status: In a relationship <3
I'm a(n): Otaku, Bookworm, anime-addict, manga-addict, lazy, funny, and I'm the shy frick'in queen.

Favorite Genres: Horror(Gore), Supernatural, Explicit Violence, Virtual World, and Action

Hated Genres: Ecchi, Harem, and Incest

Some of my favorite animes (Not In Order)

- Black Butler
- Future Diary
- Eden of the East
- Noragami
- Love Stage!
- Sword Art Online
- Aqarion (Not Aqarion Evol)
- Another
- Deadman Wonderland
- Sakura Trick
- Shakugan no Shana
- Inu x Boku ss
- Psyhco-Pass
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Strike the Blood
- From the New World
- Loveless
- Coppelion
- Blood-C
- Akuma no Riddle
- Chaika the Coffin Princess
- Fairy Tail
- Btooom!
-Zankyou no Terror

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tsumiki says...

I have discovered I like those types of anime too! I usually just watch Shoujo anime because my friend who gives me anime really like romance anime, he never really watches action unless it's Naruto

Jan 18, 2015
tsumiki says...

I really love Free! It's kind of cute and fun to watch :D

I also really like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Tokyo Ghoul, it's so hard to just pick a few!!! >.<

Jan 6, 2015
Blu3k says...

Sakura Trick would air on a day i had school so i would always get home take off my clothes and watch it in my underwear with a big cup of Coca Cola XD

And dont worry about your late responce, ive been really unactive in the page alot lately

Jan 5, 2015
tsumiki says...

Hahaha I'm glad you don't mind talking to a stalker like me xD

Ahh I wish Sakura Trick had a second season too!! I really loved the side characters as much as I loved the main characters! It was so cute!! Squee~

Jan 3, 2015
tsumiki says...

I see that you have Sakura Trick in your favourite anime!! I'm fangirling super hard because I can't find anyone who likes it!!! >_<

I like a few others on your list too but Sakura Trick caught my eye :D

(also I totally didn't start stalking you from a comment you put on Uta's (from Tokyo Ghoul) character profile....... okay I did.... but... but.... I'm not even sorry, I'm glad I did it!) xD

Jan 2, 2015