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I love manga and anime (obvious) :P

Im really tall for my age (a tower high xD)

My favorit animes are... FMA (both), Cowboy Bebop, Baccano!, Mushishi, Erased and Terror in Resonance to name a few ;)

Wolf is my spirit animal. AOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Love this movie with all my heart: Spirited Away

Im a cola holic ;D and a Colour addict :/ LOVE it!


*Wakes Up* *Alarm goes off* Oh great. What's the point of setting an alarm if I'm going to wake up before it goes off. What a total waste. Now I have to shut it off but I don't feel like moving. But if I don't shut it off, it'll just keep ringing and ringing. *Sighs* It makes me tired just thinking about the whole thing. Some mornings are such a drag. (Shikamaru XD)

Konata: Senior year, class B

Minna: Miss Kuroi!!

Kagami: Yeah yeah...

Basically... he hates being bored


God I love Saitama<3 XD

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Dario97 Apr 26, 2012

Hey kawaii sugoi nee-sama :D Well, it's going good :D i passed my exams, so i'm kinda happy :) What about you ? ^_^

RyanGirl23 Apr 16, 2012

Thanks but sadly I'm still sick >.< well I am getting better I'm like back to Stage 1 of my sickness so its gettin there :)

I'm reading Fairy Tail but only made it to Vol. 3 so far (lol) is the anime any good??, havent seen Lucky Star (want to though) nor have I seen Kimi to Boku 2 (havent even seen 1 lol)

I'm also reading Kuragehime (its too cute) but for whatever reason stopped...I think I'm at Chap. 30 something????, I want to read Reborn but havent gotten around it and I read BLEACH every now and then.

and I agree school just sucks ~ but yes the only reason I practially go to school is for my friends >.<

RyanGirl23 Apr 12, 2012

Well sadly I'm sick >.< so I'm crappy lately lol but like you I also am hating school right teacher gave a whole shit-load of papers to grade for four hours!!! I've been grading for six days now and havent finished yet....poo...

What anime are you watching? Manga reading? :P

Me? I'm watching Baccano and rewatching Trinity Blood.

As for reading I'm thinking of reading Amagami Sincerly Yours ~ :)

P.S. Gotta love being weird :p

RyanGirl23 Apr 11, 2012

haha yeah I didnt feel different when I turned 16 either nothing really changed you know? Everyone says its better when your 18 but I have a friend who just turned 18 and she says it still doesnt fell all that different...? I'm glad you had fun ^^ whatcha been up to??

phunkdoll Apr 11, 2012

hmm... highschool, so nice. Good for you, animes are great!!