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Hi there!! My name is Aesc! I'm new here on A-P, so please take care of me~! :)

I like friends so there's really no need to be shy, I'll accept any friend requests. ^^

I'm a total anime freak…honest. I have no shame XD. I even have a little problem where i go into fangirl mode at times of extreme anime epic-ness…^^"

I know of, and have certainly seen, more than my fair share of anime…i can also speak quite a bit of Japanese too…so if you need any recommendations (or a site to cheat a bit on all of your favorite mangas…) i'm here to help! ^^

I'm actually not to picky on my anime choices…i only require 3 things…:

1. the art must be SOMEWHAT decent

2. must be…captivating/interesting. ya know like i've gotta get addicted to it.

3. no shoujo-ai (it's not that i have a problem with it IRL…but…in anime…authors tend to…you know…exaggerate…a little on the girls…yeah…nuff said.)


I have a fanfiction account (tho i do tend to be a tad lazy on updating…must be influence from anime about authors…^^" lol.):

and all the other stuff you need to know about me is in that one hehe. ^^V


My Anime List:


i prob have other sites to…but…i'm just not recalling them at the moment…^^"….gomen.



i have a terrible habit of saving the best stuff for last.

i hate spending my money. i'm naturally frugal.

i have a tendency to be lazy (see above @ fanfic part)

…i…don't study…very often. ^^"

i don't like trying new things unfortunately. (just food)

i'm an EXTREMELY picky eater. i do not kid. (see above…)

to stay up later than i know i should.

i dislike school.

to buy unnecessary items.

to be highly self-conscious and paranoid.



lemme see…the very first anime i ever saw was prob sailor moon when it came out in the…late 1900's…when was it…? 1999? it escapes me lol.

after that i didn't get back into anime until about…ooooh…fifth grade? i was browsing on my IPod when i saw Special A…it looked interesting so i gave it a shot and i've been hooked on anime ever since. mind you i'm in high school now. wow. nigh on 6-7 years. i don't believe it. *is stunned* it's only felt like 2-3…my how time flies...

…read as many books as i have anime which is probably nearing--or beyond--200 by now. manga…probably 40-50 at the most...



we've all seen the girls in anime. and girls IRL let's face it. those authors (besides the females) obviously do not know the consistency of breasts. i mean seriously…you can't POKE a boob and have the finger create a visible "hole"! you just can't! it doesn't work that way. sorry but there IS stuff in them you know. plus what's with the guy mangakas creating these impossible sizes that OBVIOUSLY exist NO WHERE in the world…unless we're talking about Guiness World Record's Fattest Lady…then that's different. but for SKINNY people…c'mon GET REAL.

those skirts…my gah THOSE SKIRTS! they don't make uniform skirts that low! not even in Japan! (i could be wrong however but still) as far as i no…one consistent school rule is: FINGER-TIP LENGTH. i don't know about you…but to me…those DO NOT look anywhere NEAR finger-tip length.

okay. i'm done ranting now. XD thank you for "listening" xD hahaha

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