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Just an average guy who likes to watch anime when I have free time wich is quite alot if u notice the amount of anime and time i spend on it =P leave comments if you like i will always respond have fun.

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kyuuketsukii says...

Hi, you can watch anime at the same time as playing sports, awesome multi tasking skills you have there. ^^

Jun 14, 2009
ukato says...

lol, alrighty :)

well, back to my studies now, T.T

May 14, 2009
ukato says...

Hey, fast reply, lol~

I download all my anime from:

Yeah, they got good quality stuff and i torrent it, just fyi

Here is a good one for ddl for low qualities (and older series)

if u want u can stream them here:

And here is just an awesome site that has a calendar for when anime comes out !!! XD


And if you like these sites, i ve got more similar stuff, if u want them too XD (like review sites and fansub analysis etc...)


So, what series are you really into at the mo? Im loving Hatsukoi Limited and i just downloaded and started watching Toare Majutsu no Index, as well as 6 more of the currently airing shows.


Karate sounds mean~ Ive always wanted to do some sort of martial arts (and i love kendo too, lol) but never got around to finding a club or stuff to learn it. So instead, i do gym and stuff, but i reckon martial arts (ie "skills") are waaaaay cooler/better than just gym (ie "strength"). Style and skill for the win XD So yeah, good on you for doing karate - have you just recently started?


Oh boy, i better stop messing around on the net and do some study - cya (maybe tomrrow, maybe in a couple of days, maybe in weeks when my exams end? lol)

Anyways, ttyl

- Ukato




May 14, 2009
ukato says...

Hey, those new anime you just set as "want to watch" such as saki, and tayutama, Im watching right now too, and they are just awesome~!!! XD

And good on you for keeping your body physically health as well as your mind mentally healthy with anime (lol, dunno if anime's "healthy" now that i think about it, lol XD)

Anyways, nice to meet you~!


- your also-normal-casual-otaku-guy, Ukato-desu~! ^^

May 14, 2009