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Hello there, welcome to the world.. no, page of.. ehm... me!

well, what can you really say about me? pretty weird person in overall

love to tease my brother until he's going insane, my goal is to make him insane enough to enter a mental hospital ^^

loves food and anime of course, tear shedding ones is a plus

obsessed with haircuts and everything that have roots. ( I mean it)

Loves to write poems, I'll maybe post some here someday ^^

Well where was I, that's right, I was presenting myself, now to quick (and maybe worthless) facts

well, you've to excuse me, never been good at writing presentations and forgive me if my attempts to being fun failed :'(

BUT!, I've a serious side too :D

I do my household chores probably (if slouching while watching anime count as one ^^ just kidding)

kinda smart, good with children (even though I hate some..)

P.S Wow, and I thought I had a lot of good sides, but I can only come up with two :O must be a sign of my dark side

Certificated half hearted NEET, playing MMORPGs, no intention of getting a soul mate (not at the moment ^^) and not searching for a job. the half hearted stands for the job searching, still too young ^^

Playing the piano and planning to buy a guitar soon, really want to learn some songs :D

Hmm, what more can I tell you guys, really into fashion (anime and fashion? it's like water and oil together, they don't mix). Serious bowling player. Loves to buy stuff and unneccessary stuff in overall. I'll probably cross-dress someday and have tons of junk at home when I get older.

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Welcome to the site, and cool haruhi sig! ^_^