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I hate Inoue Orihime from Bleach...I really do...

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maaii says...

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! yes you silly! :P


so its weekend!!!!! hmm i do gotta study for my test on monday..but either way it is weekend!! :D:D:D:D

whats going on? any good plans???? :)

Jun 18, 2010
maaii says...

yaay silly is back!!! :D :P

well thats nice to know you missed me too.. even though you missed me second and i missed you's still nice :P hahah

glad to hear you are managing. so am i. school is fine. and so is work..and as for my beloved stalker... i never saw him again... :(((( oh the pain and sorrow!!!! :((((( i guess it wasnt meant to be after all :((( :P

well you need to stop by at least twice a week you know.. you cannot just abandon me here!!!!! :P

take care!!! :))

Jun 14, 2010
maaii says...

eyyy! where are you?!?! miss ya!

Jun 13, 2010
Innocent says...

Haha, thankies you very nice person!

Jun 6, 2010
maaii says...

hm i've been okay :) sort of getting used to school again..kind of hard. i still dont have the head for the homework and papers and all that jazz...

well then you might just wanna become a role model? maybe? an idol? hm better be liked then disliked. i mean imagine a bunch of kids hating on you...thats just ANNOYING!

:/ yeah i totally should've called him..and join him in rehab...hahahha thanks but no thanks!

hmm shakugan no shana..yeah i've seen both seasons. and i guess i liked it, but the tsundere shana was really getting on my nerves :/ you and tsundere...but over all i still managed to finish it without getting to annoyed by her. but over all i think it was pretty neat.

i was stuck on youtube last night till 3 am lol i was sort of going back to the good old dayes of elementary school and i got stuck on a spice girls documentary LOL i used to loveeee spice was kinda fun to see them again after hmm 10 years.. shyt im old.

Jun 5, 2010