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I hate Inoue Orihime from Bleach...I really do...

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maaii Jul 4, 2010

yo! all is good all is well.. today is 4th of july (independence day in usa) so its party day..and monday off yeaaaah!!!! :D:D double jackpot! :P

hmm TWICE as like to meet this individual :P:P:P

wel good keep the good performance up! (in your world) 

summer school is either for those who want to repeat a class they failed and they dont wanna do it in the fall semester or for people like me, who want to graduate faster, taking summer school speeds up the process. so basically instead of having lets say 8 classes in a school year (college school year) i have 11 classes because of summer school, so i graduate way faster... get me out of there sooner! :P

you will approach me?? well well well. be careful when approaching i can bite :P

noooo no more cheeseburgers! but i had some chicken :D yummmy

take care! you too dont stop missing me :P

byeeee :)

maaii Jul 1, 2010

hahhahaha so im guessing he watches mainly ecchi anime :P haha geez young boys these days :P

umm thanks. im awaiting some non rehab weirdos to approach me. charming prince weirdo..hahahahah

i saw that your watched anime count is going up by dozens :P heheh do you even remember what reality is like? :P heheh 

yup all is going well. im done with one of my summer classes yaaaaay! 

and how are you? hope all is good on your end as well!!!!

i do miss you!!! :)))

take care -hugs-

maaii Jun 26, 2010

KWENZZZZZAAAA! :) whats up? 

it seems like you always come in contact with people who dont appreciate anime! lol you should teach them a lesson!! otaku style! :P hahahhaha :)

hmm Monster you say? then i probably should give it a try. i still have so many that i put on my list of want to watch :/ but i havent  been watching many lately :/ i will add Monster to it :) but i will watch the ones i added on first and hopefully the list will get smaller so i can add on more anime later hahah :D

umm yeah thanks. i really love it when the druggies and alcoholics hit on me. yeah its very refreshing.. knowing that you attract that kind of crowd..really feels awesome! .... NOT! :P

you dont know nothing! until i tell here.. MISS YA! :P

and how have you been lately? i see some anime activities going on wih you:P watching a lot? :)))

maaii Jun 18, 2010

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! yes you silly! :P


so its weekend!!!!! hmm i do gotta study for my test on monday..but either way it is weekend!! :D:D:D:D

whats going on? any good plans???? :)

maaii Jun 14, 2010

yaay silly is back!!! :D :P

well thats nice to know you missed me too.. even though you missed me second and i missed you's still nice :P hahah

glad to hear you are managing. so am i. school is fine. and so is work..and as for my beloved stalker... i never saw him again... :(((( oh the pain and sorrow!!!! :((((( i guess it wasnt meant to be after all :((( :P

well you need to stop by at least twice a week you know.. you cannot just abandon me here!!!!! :P

take care!!! :))